I try to be sexy. Doesn’t work that well. Enjoy.

That is a reaaally sexy body, mmm umpphh!! 

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TRUEFAX. xD trollololol

TRUEFAX. xD trollololol

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So im watching the news, and there’s all these stories about violent weather and shit that happened this weekend…. and i’m completely oblivious to it all because… i slept through the whole thing… :| that is probably bad.. i didnt even know it rained…

LoL Rant - Pussy Player Champs

omfg. I hate pussy player champs. pussy player champs are like.. the champs that a person who plays like a pussy autolocks because they are too scared to engage. Here’s a list of pussy player champs I played against today.

Ziggs - total Pussy Player Champ. his bouncing bombs range is long as shit, so he can ALWAYS stay back and still hit you for a ton of damage. if you try to get close to you, he runs, lays down his mines, and you can’t pass through the bombs you’ll take damage, and even if you endure the damage it SLOWS you, so you can’t catch up any ways.

Kennen - Pussy Players like Kennen because of his Lighting Surge (e) you can never fucking engage a Kennen because he’ll always just Lighting Surge away like a fucking pussy. and the range of his ult is like your whole screen… you can’t run away from a Kennen, but you catch catch a fucking Kennen either.

Master Yi - PUSSY PLAYER CHAMP OF THE CENTURY. and such a bitch with the back door shit. His ulti has got to be one of the most annoying shits in the world. increase attack speed, and CRAZY increase his movement speed and immune to slow? get the fuck outta here. Pussy Players who use master yi’s just wait for a turret to be unattended, go over to it, hit the shit out of it with this attack, and then run his little ass away once you get there… pussy player please.

LeBlanc - she is such a fucking bitch in general… you can’t give someone SUPER CRAZY DAMAGE and also a blink to escape, let alone of mirror image clone to just fuck with you even more.

Kassadin - such a fucking bitch too. go in, silence you, so you’re a useless bitch, and then do fucking load tons of damage and then Rift Walk out.. are you serious? free flash with like.. no cool down? fuck off.

- Why do you pussy players exist. you all are so annoying, I don’t want to lane with you and always engage and not get the kill, thats such a waste of time and not fun at all. you’re spending your time saying in a lane and just killing minions, that legitimately is wasting your time and boring as shit. why are you even playing league of legends. bitch go play pacmac and run away from your opponents more.

/end rant. ignore this is you don’t know what League of Legends is/ Don’t play it


My future home? I think so.

At first glance you would think that it’s an architectural GENIUS that must have thought of designing a room under the swimming pool… i mean.. that’s super creative right?…

but think about it some more and you’ll be able to see that it’s just a pervert -_-“

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Riot Squad| the girls, the guys, and the grenades!

This is how Riot Squad rolls; 15 pizzas deep. 239$

This is how Riot Squad rolls; 15 pizzas deep. 239$

This is a really powerful image :3 it’s basically the message that I preach in life.

This is a really powerful image :3 it’s basically the message that I preach in life.

Dating ;3 @j-c-chan

Dating ;3 @j-c-chan

You’re the cutest boy I know Jonathan (@j-c-chan) <3

Have at him girls, cause this is as far as he’ll let me get :3