Anonymous said: I don't know if you are just blind or really oblivious to the photos of christina you posted. THE LEG SHE IS WIPING IS NOT THE LEG THE BLOOD IS COMING DOWN. THERE IS NO BLOOD ON HER OTHER LEG. THE PHOTO IS EDITED. It is very obvious. There is no blood at all what so ever in the video.

i dont know if you’re blind of really oblivious to the photo of christina i just post, BOTH LEGS HAVE SHIT ON THEM ON THE PICTURE(S) there is no blood in the video because, what kind of 5,000,000$ camera must you have to capture a single stream of blood coming down her leg from a far angle :| let a lone in the picture you already see that it’s almost her skin tone

Anonymous said: Sorry to have to explain the details of period blood to you, but it has to be done to prove it. I'm hoping that you've never seen period blood before, but if you have then you would know that period blood doesn't flow and trickle down. Not smoothly, at least. Period blood has more of a clotting factor to it. It doesn't leak out in a tiny, steady flow like in those gifs.

THAT’S YOUR REASONING?!?!!? are you joking… it comes out like a stream.. -_- all it has to do, is leak out a tiny bit for it to DRIP down her leg. obviously it’s not CONSTANTLY coming out of her kookooroll. 


video before a legendary night 

:3 loooong!!!!!!! omg you are so cute!!!! :3 I’m squirming!

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Anonymous said: the christina aguilera period thing isnt real... lol at people who think it is

prove your source. looks pretty real to me




That fucking sucks!!!



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My Luanlegacy Channel

Sorry I haven’t been posting videos lately! January was a bad month for me, I barely updated! I’ll try to pick things up in February. Got caught between the holidays, new years, and a ton of dance practices in between, and then starting classes again, I’ve been busy. Sorry to my viewers who have been waiting on a new video!

- A small explanation! On my youtube channel, I post rants about things that blatantly piss me off. When I record my videos, I am legitimately pissed off about that topic, I don’t want to just, THINK of a topic, and then rant about it. I want to rant about it, because I FUCKING HATE IT. Lately I’ve been in a good mood, 

- Last year with being in a high school, and then having to work at the dry cleaners, I was more easily pissed off because i was around stupid people, so it was easier to make videos. Now I’m in college, I have more free will, more free time, much more leisure, i dont have to be around stupid people if i don’t want to, lol so i haven’t been so angry as much anymore :p so its getting hard to find inspiration to make videos!

- But i know you guys are still waiting and watching, so I’m gonna try to get my act together, cut me slack guys, no one likes to be “RUSHED” and it doesn’t help me when you guys Rush me to make videos for you, I’d rather post quality of quantity… lol… you know what.. now that i think about it… maybe my next video will be about getting rushed to do shit. LOL!

Srry! Love you guys! bye! <3

Anonymous said: Why have you become a bitch lately.If someone says something to you, you just flip out about it. & Fyi I'm a chick. & I use to like watching you're videos and you seemed cool. But now since you're so popular on "tumblr" you think you the shit. Calm all that down, and chill out. :)

this is stupid, you are stupid, especially that smiley face in the end is stupid, i dont want you watching me anymore. go away.

melodyparadise said: recently found out you had a tumblr and was looking through it and saw someone mention you are a great anivia. what's that?

BLASPHEMY!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW ANIVIA! you must unfollow me, and once you find out what it is, you can re follow me again

andyfuckinguyenn-deactivated201 said: I wish I was hot...

i wish you were too…


DAAAAAMN…. Andy go home, you just got trolled.

Anonymous said: Actually, this is the Cankle Anon. And to answer the Height Anon's question, Luan is 5'4 with 6 inch diameter ankles.

wrongg! luan is not 5’4!